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20/20 Client Referral

Salus Offers the Best Client Referral Program in Town!

Forget those discount websites. A Salus new client referral includes your friends, family, neighbors or your latest Uber driver! New clients receive 20% off their initial treatment. And as a reward for referring a new client, you’ll also receive 20% off a future massage after the new client visits Salus!

The new client referral program kicks in on the first visit. Schedule Monday through Thursday to take advantage of this amazing referral system.

The Rules

Existing referring clients: Pick up one of our referral cards and write your full name on the referral card. Hand them out to anyone and everyone who you think could use a massage therapy treatment.

New clients make sure to write down the FULL name of the EXISTING Salus Massage Therapy client who referred you on our intake sheet during your first visit.

Salus will mail you a letter or email informing your credit balance. Simply call us and schedule a treatment to redeem your discount.

We thank you in advance for all the wonderful referrals! Please make note of the restrictions below. This amazing referral card can help you save, but we ask that you are understanding of the few rules that go along with it. THANK YOU for your cooperation.


*May not be used in conjunction with a service gift certificate, other discounts or coupons, or Spa Finder, Spa Week, Spa Wish.  *Non-transferable. *Valid on any treatment. *Management reserves all rights. *Terms and conditions may change without notice. *The new client must use the discount on the first visit or they forfeit their discount opportunity. *There is no cap on how many discounts existing clients can accrue, but will expire in 1 year from earned date. *HOLIDAY BLACKOUT DATES February, Christmas and New Years Weeks.

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