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Health & Safety Standards

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Health & Safety Standards

New policies for staff and clients

Upon Arrival:

  • If you are set up for text message reminders, you will receive a text message about 15 mins before your treatment time. This message will include a link to fill out the Health & Safety questionnaire and health history form. Please fill this out prior to the start of your appointment. Once completed, reply “Y” to the text to confirm your check in. Our system will not display any other messages to us that we can see or respond to.
  • If you do not have texting as an option, please call the front desk to let us know you have arrived at 616-534-7822.Your therapist will go over the Health & Safety questionnaire and Health History with you once you come inside.
  • Please remain in or at your vehicle until the therapist comes to receive you.
  • In order to provide the safest possible atmosphere for both clients and staff and meet state requirements, we require that everyone wear a mask from check in – treatment – and check out. Please place your mask on before entering and do not remove until you leave the building. If you are unable to bring a mask with you, a disposable one will be provided to you for a $1 Personal Protection Equipment charge.
  • To continue with the highest standards of sanitation and disinfection, all magazines and books have been removed from the office, the self serve water station has been discontinued until further notice, and only two clients will be allowed in the front office at a time. Bottled water will be available to purchase for $1.
  • Please only bring items into the office that are needed. Purse, wallet, keys for example.
  • If you have someone drive you, they will have to wait for you in their vehicle. Extra persons may not be in the room with you during your treatment.
  • Markers have been placed on the floor to maintain social distancing of 6 ft.

During Treatment:

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided for you to use before your treatment begins.
  • Mask will be required to remain on during the full duration of the treatment. In cases such as facials where masks cannot be worn, the therapist will then be wearing a mask and face shield.
  • Staff will be changing into new aprons for each treatment to enhance sanitation procedures.

After Treatment:

  • Staff will wait for you to open the door after you have finished changing at the end of your treatment. They will then re-enter the room to provide any special instructions for home use, such as stretching, and give advice to when you should be seen again for your next treatment. They will then lead you back up front to the next available space to wait to finish your checkout process and get you rescheduled with the receptionist.

The link to the full Health & Safety questionnaire and Health History form can be found here:

Until further notice all treatment times now have an extra built in sanitation period.