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Using Alcohol in Skin Care

When you try to associate alcohol with skin care, you might first think about hand sanitizers. Even though hand sanitizers are not made for skin care, their presence has been ubiquitous for the last year. You may know that alcohol can leave your hands feeling dry, but is using alcohol for skin care always a bad thing?

The main goal with skin care is that you want to feel better afterwards, not worse. While some alcohols will leave your skin feeling dry, not all alcohols will have the same effect when added to skin care products. You can find alcohol in products such as makeup, lotions, fragrance, shaving products, oral care, and hair products.

Skin type will also play a factor in whether alcohol in skin care products is good or bad for you. Those that have oily skin may look to an alcohol-based toner to help reduce pore-clogging sebum. However, those with dry or sensitive skin, eczema, or allergies, will find that the same product will dry out their skin.

If you have more sensitive skin, then avoid some products with alcohol. Alcohol may have the potential to be irritating to your skin, and might even cause burning feelings or rash when applied. However, most people will not experience any problems with alcohol in small amounts.

One category of alcohol is fatty alcohols, which, as the name describes are derived from fats. These alcohols are found in cleansing lotions and moisturizers as thickeners and emulsifiers. What they provide is the ability to lock moisture into the skin, forming a protective barrier that water will not penetrate. 

Some alcohols are included in skincare products to provide a cooling or refreshing sensation when applied. Others help dissolve ingredients that are not water soluble, and can help drive ingredients deeper into your skin. Knowing what type of alcohol is in the product can help you decide whether it will help your skin.

Alcohol can be a useful ingredient to many skin care products, but if you are unsure if it may be harmful or not, then you should ask your dermatologist. For more information on finding the right skincare products for your unique skin, call Salus Massage Therapy & Skin Care today at (616) 534-7822. We want everyone to experience the joy, relaxation, and all the health benefits that come along with massage therapy and skin care at an affordable price, in a relaxing atmosphere, and with top-notch service.

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