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What is a Hydromassage?

Imagine a chaise lounge chair, however, this chair is using water jets to massage your body. That is what a hydromassage chair is. By reclining in the lounger for 15 minutes or more at a time, you will feel a water jet work its way down and up your legs, back, shoulder and neck. Just to the side of the lounger is a control panel in which you can control the power of the jet, the speed it moves up and down, and the location on your body you would like to target. If you have some areas more sore or tender you can have the jets go softer or if you were to have a tough knot and wanted the jet to hit it with more power.

A hydromassage will boost your overall wellness. It does this by relieving temporary aches and pains, and soreness. It is a calming experience in which can reduce stress and anxiety. To learn more about a hydromassage lounger, or to look into them yourself, you can visit HydroMassage.

Hydromassage is one of the new experiences coming to Salus Wellness Spa. It will be joined along with Halotherapy, Float Therapy, and Infrared Sauna.

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