What Is Float Therapy?

A sensory deprivation tank otherwise known as float therapy, is a type of therapy for stress relief, pain relief, and athletic recovery. These tanks have been growing in popularity and are endorsed by many professional athletes as one of their sources of recovery.

Once you step inside the tank, there will be 10 inches of water mixed with Epson salts. The tank will then close around you and cancel out any light or noise from the outside, or you can have full control over lights and sound for added chromotherapy and meditative music. The salty water supports your body, taking away the effects of gravity. Effortlessly floating there your body will start to decompress and relax. This will then lead to alleviation of sore joints and promotes relaxation of stiff muscles.

We are always on the go, and the solitude created by the tank might be what you need to unplug and deepen your meditation practice.

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Float Therapy is one of the new experiences coming to Salus Wellness Spa. It will be joined along with HalotherapyHydromassage, and Infrared Sauna.