Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Salus Massage Therapy's waxing services involve many hair removal options from head to toe.

Find the one that suits your needs.

Hair Removal Pricing

  • Eyebrow - $15-20
  • Chin - $10-15
  • Lip - $10-15
  • Underarm - $20-25
  • Half Arm - $25-30
  • Full Arm - $40-50
  • Half Leg - $40-50
  • Full Leg - $65-75
  • Bikini - $35-45
  • Brazilian - $65-75
  • Male Brazilian - $75-85
  • Chest - $30-60
  • Back - $30-60

Before your next hair removal appointment

Here's a couple of tips to lessen the pain and increase the longevity of the hair-free feeling:

  • Make sure your hair is long enough to remove completely from the roots - it should be at least a quarter of an inch (0.25 inches) If you've shaved the area within the last few weeks it might take a couple of waxes to get your hair into a cycle of growth that allows the most effective wax finish.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and/or caffeinated drinks a few hours before hair removal.
  • Come to your appointment hydrated.
  • Exfoliate between waxing treatments.
  • Moisturize the day before and the day of WAXING

Immediately after your hair removal

It's normal immediately after a waxing treatment for a little bit of redness and/or a bumpy rash to appear. This should disappear after a few hours and is normally due to a histamine reaction. Because waxing removes the hair at the root, it's important that you keep the area clean and bacteria-free.

  • No sunbathing for at least 12 hours (have your waxing done at least the day BEFORE you go on holiday)
  • No swimming in a chlorinated pool, baths and saunas for 24 hours (shower is OK)
  • Do not exercise or other activities that cause heavy perspiring
  • Avoid perfume soaps or products with chemical irritants and make up for 12 hours.
  • Do not apply any of your own creams or lotions for 24 hours. We only recommend using Alexandria Professional Restore Hydrating Lotion directly after your treatment. (All others may have irritants)
  • Do not expose your skin to exfoliating products including, but not limited to, glycolic, lactic and salicylic acid as well as ultraviolet rays (sun or tanning booth) for at least 48 hours after hair removal service.
  • Do not squeeze any pimples! (These are actually ingrown hairs, you will only spread the infection. See below for info on how to avoid ingrown hairs)
  • Also avoid touching the waxed area to ensure it remains bacteria free
  • Avoid using bar soaps, it leave a film on the body that can cause ingrown hairs

For Bikini/Brazilian hair removal, along with all of the above:
  • Avoid any sexual contact for 12 hours.
  • We suggest bringing a fresh pair of cotton underwear to change into after your appointment. (Post-wax/sugar, your pores are exposed and more prone to infection. A clean pair of underwear will help keep germs away)
  • Avoid tight-fitting clothing.